When you are physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted because of the stress you were handling for a long period of time that you feel, you won’t longer be able to handle all this because it causes you mental and physical exertion.

Burnout has great effects on your life, it reduces your productivity at work, you were unable to focus on what’s going on in your life, and you become mentally tired and unable to handle tasks effectively. It impacts all aspects of your life it’s not about only the mental state of your mind but your physical, and emotional state gets affected from that too, the condition you have to face consequences that impacts you in all aspects of your life.

Are you heading towards burnout?

  • Do you want to leave things that are undone?
  • You got exhausted very easily.
  • You are unable to focus on your work.
  • Your emotions are too overwhelming.
  • It was difficult to maintain a work-life balance.

“Burnout is nature’s way of telling you, you’ve been going through the motions your soul has departed; you’re a zombie, a member of the walking dead, a sleepwalker. False optimism is like administrating stimulants to an exhausted nervous system.”

― Sam Keen

It’s about YOU

Burnout is a process that starts gradually it doesn’t start overnight but slowly when things are piling up, your body, your mind, and even your emotions start suffering and you got the red flags about that but you kept ignoring it because you are not first priority, you put yourself at below level. For you, there are many important things in your life except you. You want to earn money, you have friends you have to maintain your social class, your family, your colleagues, your work all these things are important to you but the thing that is most important and you forget is YOU.

Physical symptoms of burnout

  • Exhausted almost every day
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Appetite problem
  • Muscle ache
  • Headache

Emotional Symptoms of burnout

  • Emotionally full
  • Unable to handle things effectively
  • Lack of satisfaction in life
  • Unable to focus on the task
  • A feeling of detachment from surrounding

Behavior Symptoms of burnout

  • Become easily irritated
  • Lack of interest in activities
  • Gets easily frustrated.
  • Become aggressive over little things.

Causes of burnout

  • It may be cause because you work a lot and don’t get appreciation from your boss. You are the one who makes a presentation, and help others in their work but there are times when others get credit instead of you.
  • It is cause by a huge pile of responsibilities, exact same routine you follow for a long period of time and don’t get any vacation or off time from your hectic life.
  • Your personality traits contribute to burnout when you are a perfectionist you don’t agree on less, so you always wanted the best at any cost otherwise it didn’t satisfy you.
  • When you are pessimistic about things in your life.
  • When you have a problem with overthinking.

Dealing with burnout

Ask for help

When you realize that things are getting out of control and you can’t do things on your own. Just ask for help from the closest person you have. Maybe he/she will help you to find calm in the chaos that you are going through.

Take time off

When you follow the same pattern, you start to get bored and easily exhaust because there’s no difference in your routine. Take some time off for yourself and enjoy it for a bit, either go on holiday with your family or friends, go on hiking, bicycle riding near a lake or somewhere peaceful where you can feel nature and your existence above all the things in your life.

Start Meditating

Get up early in the morning, and give time to yourself. Do something for yourself. Doing meditation exercises won’t take long but it helped you to keep your head straight and you feel that you have energy last but not least your day start by giving importance to yourself.

Limit negative things in life

You need to filter out negative things in your life. Try to limit your contact with those who always criticize you, who always find faults in you and degrade you in front of others.

Try to balance your life

It is not about doing all work and no holiday or vice versa but you need to find a way between them. You have different kinds of responsibilities to do but you also need some relaxing time as well so try to balance between life and work


If you want to avoid burnout start working on yourself NOW. Why do you wait for the last stage to come and you have nothing left in you because it affects all aspects of life. When you identify the red flags take a break and recover yourself from mental, emotional, and physical strain.