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Is there such a thing as too old to change their ways?

Change should never be impeded by age. 22% of workers have considered changing careers in the post-pandemic era, defying the antiquated belief that they are “too old” for new prospects. Because time is limited, we must act with intention. Characteristics change over time, highlighting the never-ending journey of life. It’s important to push over mental obstacles, start small, and surround oneself with positive people. This wake-up call dispels age-related constraints and places an emphasis on utilising the present for personal growth.

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How to Build Emotional Stability In A Relationship?

One way to think of emotional stability in a relationship is the capacity to control and manage one’s emotions in a way that is good for the relationship and healthy. It involves being able to talk to your partner openly and honestly, actively listening to them, showing empathy, and dealing with disagreements in a healthy way.

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