Mental Health

Why do We Generalize People?

Generalizing refers to the process of making broad statements or assumptions about a group of people based on limited information or experience. While generalizing can be a natural and efficient way for people to process information and make sense of the world around them, it can also lead to stereotypes, discrimination, and other negative consequences.

mental health in digital age

Mental Health In Digital Age

Mental health has been significantly affected by the digital age. Steady openness to web-based entertainment can prompt insecurities and correlation. Burnout and increased stress can result from the blurring of work and personal life. Cyberbullying and online provocation are predominant issues. Screen time and blue light can upset rest designs. However, self-help tools, resources, and support are also available in the digital age. Setting limits and seeking a healthy balance between the digital world and real-world experiences are essential components of digital well-being.

Media Violence and Its Impact On Child’s Life

Media Violence can be defined as aggression displayed on-screen towards character/s, which has the potential to cause harm in some form. This could be either physical aggression that is commonly portrayed or relational aggression that involves harsh communication between characters. Movies and soap operas often portray violence to the extent that it has become anticipated.